Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Alex! I'm originally from Fresno, California but recently moved to New York City in November 2007. I'm starting this blog as a way for me to get some writing done about theatre. As part of some new year cleaning, I went through all my Playbills and realized in the last year, I've seen over 40 plays!

I wanted a place for me to talk about and share my thoughts on the plays I've seen and other (as they say on New York 1's On Stage) "Theatrical goings on around town"

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Have a wonderful new year! Thanks for visiting.



Anonymous said...

hey friend! Didn't you move to NYC in November 2006? Don't mean to be nit picky :op
- LaRena

Alex! said...

I TOTALLY moved here in 2006! bahahaha... I am just crazy. Thank you LaRena! :)